Austin Peck Out at ATWT

CBS Soaps in Depth tweeted the following on Monday morning:

Holy crap. ATWT isn't confirming it, but we hear Austin Peck (Brad) has been let go from ATWT.

Peck won many rave reviews early in his AS THE WORLD TURNS but Brad and Katie storyline has become very stale over the past year so, if true, this news would not be that surprising. My dream is for Daniel Cosgrove to join the cast of ATWT as Chris Hughes and be paired with Katie. But We Love Soaps is hearing that Mark Collier may be making a return appearance as Mike Kasnoff so stay tuned!

TV Guide Canada and Soap Opera Digest have both confirmed Peck's exit as well.


  1. I have no problem with Brad leaving town. I never warmed up to Austin's portrayal and still hate that they de-SORASed Brad to make him Jack's younger brother.

    I don't know what they would do with Katie since she's always remained on an island of her own, but I wouldn't be opposed to having Simon return.

  2. I think it's very surprising news. With the Bratie baby on the way, what's next for Katie if this is true?

    I would be really sad to see Austin go.

  3. This is terrible news! I think Peck has become one of the best parts of ATWT, especially in the Age of the Vortex of Suck. Brad and Katie have been a delight.

    I hope this rumor doesn't turn out to be true.

  4. So, is Austin Peck the next Telenext star to return to DOOL?

  5. Can you guys "bump" up blog posts when you update them? I wouldn't have noticed that you added the tidbit about Mark Collier until someone pointed out to me.

  6. Uh-oh. With Austin Peck leaving ATWT, could it be that what you guys discussed on a past podcast might happen? You guys had talked about DAYS dipping into their early '90's characters by bringing back Carly, Vivian, and Lawrence. Would Carrie and Austin be far behind for another run? Time will tell......

  7. To MarkyMarc -- Yeeks, I sure hope not!