Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Y&R SNEAK PEAK: Phillip Explains

Phillip (Thom Bierdz) admits to Nina (Tricia Cast) the real reason why he faked his death on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Cast's reaction is priceless.


  1. I don't watch Y&R, but I agree. I love her reaction. But... I expected a little more emotion from him. I didn't feel anything. She's saving the scene, IMO.

  2. I have found Bierdz very, very understated so far. I don't know if he is getting direction to be 'cryptic', but there are so many notes he could be playing that I'm not seeing.

    Pained - for what he did to others
    Angry - because he felt they forced him into the closet
    Ashamed - not for being gay, but for running
    Entitled - because, after all, running away and pretending to be dead and depriving his son of a father was fundamentally selfish

    I think he was trying to play "sensitive" with Nina...I picked that up. But I'm not yet reading Phillip's PERSPECTIVE. I hope this gets filled in as Bierdz becomes more comfortable again in P3's skin.

  3. Yeah, I can't say if Bierdz is a bad actor or not. This clip is the first I see of him. So it's possible he's usually great, but I'm not feeling him in this clip.

  4. I agree with both Marks. I don't know if its because he's been out of the acting world for so long and he's rusty, but I'm not feeling him. I'm not a regular Y&R viewer. I tune in and out from time to time. I didn't watch when Thom was on the first time, so I haven't nothing to compare his acting to. In yesterday's episode when he revealed himself to his family and Katherine passed out, he didn't even seem concerned. He came across as almost annoyed like "I came back for this?". I guess we'll see how this plays out.