Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Y&R CLASSIC CLIP: Olivia Arrives in Genoa City

Tonya Lee Williams joined the cast of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS in 1990 as Olivia Barber. Check out the great scenes in this classic clip as Olivia debuts and Drucilla isn't happy! Later, Ashley and Olivia meet up. And, oh, how I miss Mamie!


  1. I know what you mean about missing Maimie!
    The Mustache should call her up out of retirement to take Estella's place at The Ranch (at least until Estella is vindicated).

  2. Hello Michael,

    You are on a roll with the Y&R Classic Clips today. I miss Mamie also. But, I REALLY wish that Y&R and Victoria Rowell would call bygones and Drucilla returns to the show because I miss her even more. And Lily could really use Dru right now. Also, it is so cool to see the "origins" of Drucilla in this clip.

    Thank you for the stroll down memory lane. ;-)

  3. Classic Y&R is the best. There is a reason it has been #1 for so long. And SunRaye, I miss Victoria Rowell SO much. What she brought to that show has never been duplicated.