Let me be clear that I don't have anything against Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. I think she is a beautiful, charismatic actress and she gave a great interview to We Love Soaps. But out all of the hypocrites currently residing in soapland, I think Steffy Forrester might be the worst of them all.

How dare that little twit warn Brooke to stay away from Ridge after everything that Ridge and Taylor did to try to come between Steffy and Rick. When everyone was trying to destroy that tortured (I certainly was tortured watching them together)romance, it was BROOKE who stood behind them. She allowed her romance with Ridge to suffer so Rick and Steffy could be happy. And now, she puts this guilt trip on Brooke warning her not to destroy her family. If Steffy is strong enough to sleep with a guy who hit the sheets with her twin sister and mother, then she can deal with her family breaking up!

On the plus side, it was thrilling to see Rick Hearst and Katherine Kelly Lang share scenes again. The chemistry is still there and Whip actually seems to make Brooke laugh. I highly recommend you watch their scenes today. Hearst is one of our finest actors and my fingers are crossed that B&B is going to utilize him as the leading man that he is.

However, if Whip pulls a Ric Lansing and throws Brooke into a Panic Room, all bets are off!


  1. "However, if Whip pulls a Ric Lansing and throws Brooke into a Panic Room, all bets are off!"

    I think I love you for this. You made me spit out my drink on the work computer!

  2. Totally agree on Steffy. Brooke & Ridge broke up because of her and it looks like she didn't even watch the episode of the breakup,,,