Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We Love Soaps Radio: Episode #4

On super-sized Episode #4 of "We Love Soaps Radio," Newcomb, Jacobs and Goldberg share their thoughts on the latest hot topics and news from around the soap world and welcome very special guest Harding Lemay.

Episode #4 includes:
- An in depth interview with Emmy winning former ANOTHER WORLD writer Harding Lemay where he talks about historical soap figures like Paul Rauch, Irna Phillips, Doug Marland and comments on some of the latest soap controversies like the Chris Engen situation or Noah burning the Purple Heart on ATWT

- CHICAGO TO CORONADO's Vanessa Shoemaker discusses the first Twitter soap in our “Indie Soap Beat” segment

- The hosts debate SOAPnet: Business versus Art

- Hot topics from all the daytime soaps including the new characters, Otalia, Spixie, Todd/Blair vs Todd/Tea and much more

BONUS (Fan Questions)
Also during this episode, Newcomb, Jacobs and Goldberg answered fan questions posted on our Facebook page. We had so much great feedback that it wouldn't all fit into the episode. You can listen to those answers below.


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  1. Thanks guys for the mention in the podcast, that was really cool.

  2. You've got it Marc! We appreciate your support, and are grateful to our loyal listeners. Please stay posted for upcoming contests / giveaways.

  3. Harding Lemay interview was fascinating. Love, love, love the behind the scenes info. Very relevant to how things are not being written today. Great show!

  4. Great podcast! I loved the Harding Lemay interview. Sarah Felder, by the way, is now a vocal coach in theater. I do wish she'd stayed in daytime, though...

  5. Marc, thanks for the feedback.

    Rikita, I was mesmerized by Lemay's voice and insights.

    gwynnega, thanks for the update on Sarah Felder.

  6. Another terrific show! Loved the HL interview. I could listen to that man talk for hours.

    As for Todd/Blair: One of the reasons that I can't be a Blair fan is the fact that she continually goes back to that repugnant creep. It was one thing when she was younger and self destructive, but she's older now (and I'd like to think wiser), she has the children to think about - I mean, enough is enough. Get some self respect, kick the rapist to the curb and try being in a relationship that isn't abusive.

    And I'd like to clarify one thing: Justin Dees' Bucky Carter on Ryan's Hope totally kicked *ss!! He just kicked *ss in a "cute and sweet with nothing to do" kind of way, lol

    Thanks for another great show guys :)

  7. Melanie, I did like Bucky. And I always wanted him to have more to do. We obviously saw in all Justin Deas other Emmy winning roles he was certainly capable of carrying story.

  8. Melanie, as you probably know, I totally agree about Blair. So sad to see her go backwards like this!

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  10. I like what you say, Melanie, but for me Justin Deas simply did not rock in that role. True, the show never seemed that interested in giving him much to do, but his trademark scene-stealing quirkiness had not yet been developed. Right actor, wrong show.

  11. I really enjoy the podcast. The discussion of character is refreshing over the usual critique of acting. Also, I loved the interview with Mr. Lemay. How great was that subtle dig at Doug Marland?

    On another note, my favorite canceled soap is Edge of Night. In my humble opinion it was the best ending of a soap ever. Alicia Van Dein lives.

    My question is - What was your most memorable Friday cliffhanger in soap history?

    Mine - "Hello Barbara." - the first return of James Stenbeck.

  12. DocP, I loved EDGE too. I want to interview Sharon Gabet and so many others from that show. I loved talking to Louise Shaffer and Linda Cook about EDGE in our interviews.

    I'll have to think about the Friday cliffhanger. Great question!