Thursday, July 16, 2009

News Round-up: Hearst, Emmys, Bacon, Bierdz

INTERVIEW: B&B's Rick Hearst (Whip)
"I don’t think there is a decision where it comes across in a writer’s mind at the production offices at GH where they say, 'Let’s not come up with story for him.' It’s just sometimes you hit a wall and sometimes you don’t have a vision for a specific character the way the character had been utilized, and the focus is now somewhere else. I don’t fault Bob Guza (head writer, GH) for that. It’s the way it is. I am not in charge, and I am not steering the ship."

Kevin Bacon on his Emmy nomination for lead actor in a miniseries for TAKING CHANCES
"It's been a long time between GUIDING LIGHT and now. I got the news and I woke (wife, actress Kyra Sedgwick) up and she was on her way to work. I haven't really spoken to her. She just texted me to say, 'So what are you doing, fielding offers?' ... It's a thrill to share good news with somebody that you love. We're really looking forward to going."

Emmys '09: 20 Snubs That Drove You Up the Wall
Entertainment Weekly highlights this year Emmy snubs including FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and TRUE BLOOD.

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Reactions to the Primetime Emmy nominations
Variety has reactions from former soap actors Kyra Sedgwick, Jane Krakowski, Bryan Cranston and many more.

Home entertainment spending off 4%
The Digital Entertainment Group's midyear report shows consumer spending on home entertainment titles was down nearly 4%, though studios' related profit was off a more modest 2% because of pricing shifts. The industry group, primarily comprising studios and consumer- electronics manufacturers, said consumer spending on home entertainment titles totaled $9.73 billion through June 30.

The latest episode of the ANOTHER WORLD text revival is now online.

SOAPnet using Digby song to promote OLTL
SOAPnet is featuring Marié Digby's, "Come to Life," in the promo for the long-running soap ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

UGLY BETTY musical is back on
"Our musical episode is back on!," Vanessa Williams tells "I think it's going to be our 16th episode of the season."

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Thom Bierdz (Phillip)
Bierdz was a guest on "Olivia Wilder Times" on Monday night. He talked about how with high-definition today versus 20 years ago, they don't shoot as many close-ups as before. He said he was asked why he didn't show as much emotion as expected and he said there was emotion in his eyes and he thought the camera would get that but it didn't.

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