Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mollie Sugden Has Passed Away

Mollie Sugden endeared herself to television viewers as Mrs. Slocombe of the Ladies Separates and Underwear department in Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft's long-running sitcom ARE YOU BEING SERVED? Sugden died today at the age of 86.

Sugden's Mrs. Slocombe was a recognizable working type – the shopworn divorcee trying to keep up appearances, defying the years with ever more lurid rinses, and returning home alone each night to her "little pussy", to which there was always at least one reference in every show.

Soap fans will remember Sugden's appearance on THE BILL in 2003 and her role on CORONATION STREET as Nellie Harvey, the landlady of The Laughing Donkey.


  1. LOVED that show, and loved her performance in it.

  2. She was one of the greats.
    I hope she and her pussy are reunited in heaven.