Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Michael Easton To Appear At Comic-Con

Michael Easton (John, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) will be appearing at the enormously popular arts convention known as ‘Comic-Con’, which begins today in San Diego and runs through Sunday, July 26th.

Easton is the writer of the new graphic novel “Soul Stealer” from Studio Ronin. Easton’s upcoming projects include the second installment of the “Soul Stealer” graphic novel (debuting at Wizard World Chicago 2009). He has also signed on to write the first installment of “The Tales from the Green Woman” series for DC/Vertigo with famed novelist Peter Straub.

Easton, instantly recognizable to millions of daytime fans from his years on OLTL, PORT CHARLES (Caleb) and DAYS OF OUR LIVES (Tanner), may turn the heads of the Convention’s many sci-fi fans as well. His credits also include a number of primetime shows including “Total Recall 2070” and “Two.”

Easton will be at The Antidote Trust booth (BOOTH #2806) throughout the weekend. He will be signing autographs on Saturday, July 25th.

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“Soul Stealer” Credits:
Written by – Michael Easton
Artwork by – Christopher Shy
Published by – Studio Ronin
Official Site -

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