Wednesday, July 22, 2009

AW CLASSIC CLIP: Marley confronts Jake!!!

Anne Heche won a Daytime Emmy Award in 1991 for her dual roles as Vicky and Marley on ANOTHER WORLD. Heche was brilliant in the scenes below as Marley forced Jake to remember the night he raped her. Soaps were very lucky to have Heche for as long as we did.


  1. Soaps are one one of those rare forums that usually get passed down from generation to generation. You got hooked on a show because your mom was watching it. As a kid, my mom watched Ryan's Hope, AMC, AW, EON and Loving. So I have vivid memories of watching AW with my mom and enjoyng the whole Marley/Jake/Vicky storyline when it began. Although she killed my GL as executive producer, I thought Ellen Wheeler did a great job as Marley/Vicky. So when she left, I was skeptical of a recast. But Anne Heche grabbed the reins and never looked back. She did a great job! Great clip, thanks for posting Mikey!

  2. I have always found the Vicky character to be one of the most interesting ever in soaps. I enjoyed Ellen, Anne, and Jensen all in the roles. Each brought something different to both Vicky and Marley. I have an emotional attachment to Jensen as she was so good at playing the romantic heroine. But Ellen and Anne really rocked as Vicky and Marley!

  3. Anne Heche is great here. I haven't seen her in a dramatic role like this in years.