Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ABC "Love in the Afternoon" Promos

There are a lot of things I miss in the 2009 soap world. Remember the romance, passion and adventure we were treated to on a daily basis? Do you rememember those amazing promos that would hook you into your show and make you watch? I do! Take a look at these classic clips highlighting, "Love in the Afternoon!"


  1. I liked the Jesse and Jenny clip the most for its sweetness. Most of the teens on today's soaps are snotty.

    Of course, the most exciting and soapiest clips were of Raven from the Edge of Night. They clicked.

    God, compare those with the mess at ATWT! Meg! Meg! Meg! Look at what they did to heroic Paul, now he's a poor man's Todd Manning! Or, the gross out incest of ATWT.

  2. I loved all of these.

    I agree about Raven from EDGE. Sharon Gabet was just superb.

    I spotted so many old faves in these promos!

  3. This what we mean when the fans say the want love in the afternoon. This when GH really new how to write and promo love stories. Too bad ABC does not know what love in the afternoon is anymore cause all we get is Sleaze in the afternoon passing for a love scene.

  4. It just doesn't make any sense to me Tonya. There are so many former soap fans who would return if only they had something to care about. Romantic fanatasy used to drive our soaps. I'm not quite sure why it has been decided that we don't want to root for couples to find true love.

  5. What? You aren't interested in mobsters and hitman? How can that be? You actually think that centering a show around murderers isn't a good thing?

    I think I saw Johnny and Jason kill 4 men on yesterday's GH. Isn't that how you and your friends spend your days? Don't you want your kids to grow up and kill people for a living?

    Wow! The glamor of knowing that your kids will be on the docks, ensuring that shipments of stolen good and drugs are being brought into town.

    OK, OK, OK, you're right! What we all want to see are rapists who psychologically abuse their families become irresistible to the women in their lives. True, a man can sell a child, stealing him from his mother, but that mother must fall in love with her child's kidnapper.

    That's so hawt, hawt, hawt!

    Yeah, soaps might have a large black following, but we don't need to feature any black people in significant roles. They're poor and they'll just watch our shows anyway. Well, maybe we'll toss out a sassy black nurse. Heaven's forbid that at a hospital we should have any Asians! There's no such thing as an Asian or Indian doctor.

    Well, we have decided to have a few gay characters. But we don't think that they need to kiss. That's so not needed to be shown because their love smolders from their eyes. (Besides, we wouldn't want to offend any of those grannies in Louisville!)

  6. Raven was a classic soap character for certain.
    I still miss that ABC "Love In The Afternoon" promos - I used to sing "Love, Love Hooray for Love ~ who was ever too blaise for love?"

  7. What a treat. These were great. I miss the Edge of Night's great mystery storylines. Those were always fun to watch. Thanks so much for posting.