Wednesday, July 8, 2009

TV Guide: Summer's Guilty Pleasures (GH)

In the July 13-20 issue of TV Guide, the editors pick several shows as "Summer's Guilty Pleasures." GENERAL HOSPITAL made the list, picked by Deputy News Director Amy Miller.

GENERAL HOSPITAL (Weekdays, 3/2c, ABC; Weeknights, 10/9c, SOAPnet)
The romance, the fashion, the ridiculous miracle surgery that brings a near-dead teen out of a coma. I've been a sucker for the goings-on in Port Charles for years - the first thing I do when I get home from work is fire up the DVR. I'm relieved that Robin has recovered from postpartum depression, wish Jason and Sam would get back together already and wonder where to get a magazine job where you spend most of the day hanging out with your sort-of boyfriend who worships you. Soaps often get a bad rap, but it's pure escapism, and sometimes you learn something - like it's best to admit you're the long-lost twin sister of the local prince's dead wife from the get-go.

A small still of Carly and Michael is included.


  1. I think she should feel guilty :) Well, I'm loving Martha Byrne!

  2. Well nothing on GH makes me run home so I can watch. This show is just sucks badly, I don't want to see Jason with anyone other than Elizabeth. I want to to see Jason and Elizabeth as a couple, married and raising Cam and Jake together. I want to see love and romance, I want to see families(not Sonny's kids)and I don't want to see more sleaze because GH has turned into the soft porn of daytime. There is not one storyline that is currently on that I want to watch at all. I will say that it is good to see the vets like the Q's but this show has destoryed all the history that it was built on and that is why they are losing viewers by the droves. I hope TPTB will finally wake up and fix this show.