Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Update on the Martinez/Ehlers Situation

ALL MY CHILDREN's J.R. Martinez (Brot) was the guest on "Stardish Radio" on Monday night. Beth Ehlers (Taylor) made an appearance at the beginning of the show to clear the air following her comments about him on "Stardish" on June 17. She talked about how she spent four days in Florida with him immersing herself in his life to get a better understanding of his situation and how they became good friends working on the storyline together. The two of them had spoken earlier on Monday to share their feelings with each other.

Ehlers wanted to make sure people know there is no feud and they are friends.

"If I say something, and my friend tells me I've hurt him, I take that seriously. I don't need people who don't know us to get involved. It got really mean. I kind of heard about it a little bit last week after J.R. had texted me. I misspoke and didn't have a chance to qualify it because the woman who was talking jumped in and interrupted me mid-sentence. I felt terrible and said I give him a few days we'll talk. But then all this happened and when we spoke today we were both kind of like, 'Damn,' that really got out of hand. And it got mean and nasty and people who don't know us were saying nasty things about both of us. We just wanted an opportunity to say we love each other, we're friends, stop, stop, enough, you've made your point.

Martinez agreed stating they were friends and they had both worked hard to tell their story on AMC.

One of the biggest things is I think that there were a lot of things that factored in from Beth’s time on the show. When I heard about it, it was something that there were a lot of frustrations. In a sense of people and their own opinions and have their frustrations about the writing so on and so forth and you know, just a lot of things that factored in. And for me, it was just when I heard it, I heard it at the moment, and it was just kinda like 'Ohh, it crossed the wrong way. It was like the choice of words, and I immediately put it up on Twitter and Facebook the next day like, 'Hey guys,there is no feud.'

You have people in you love in your life, whether it be your mother, father, your wife or husband, and you don’t always agree with certain words, I mean that’s just a part of life, everyone chooses different words, certain things may come across in a different way.

We talked today, and we were like the best thing to do, instead of hiding it, and allowing it to continue to grow is to let’s just put it to rest and allow people to understand. We are friends, and we do care for one another, and we did work very hard to tell this story and for the public to understand what it is that we were trying to tell along with the network.

Listen to the entire interview.

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