Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy 57th TV Anniversary GUIDING LIGHT

GUIDING LIGHT debuted on NBC Radio on January 25, 1937. On June 2, 1947, GL moved to CBS Radio. On June 30, 1952, 57 years ago today, GUIDING LIGHT moved to television. The show continued on radio as well until June 29, 1956. In today's television landscape where many primetime shows only last a few episodes being yanked, it's hard to imagine another television show will ever last this long again (or even come close).

Here are a couple of classic scenes from 1952 in honor of this amazing anniversary.


  1. Yep, back when the show used to care about the Bauer family - Meta, Trudy, Papa, Bert...

    ...though it is nice to see Ed and (evenutally) Michelle back on the current canvas...

  2. I just found Guiding Light in January. I love this show.

    It made the jump from radio to television -- why not from television to the web???