Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SOAPnet: Father's Day Y&R "Choose Your Daddy" Marathon

SOAPnet celebrates Father’s Day with a marathon featuring the tangled web of deception and romance between Chloe, Billy, Lily and Cane on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS that led up to the half-brothers’ custody battle for baby Cordelia. The five hour stunt airs Sunday, June 20 from 4PM-9PM (EST/PST).

4P – THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS #2009-09083 (Original Air Date – 2/13/09) – At the cabin for a romantic getaway, Billy feels compelled to tell Lily the truth that he’s the father of Chloe’s baby. Chloe arrives just as he breaks the news, an argument ensues and Chloe goes into labor.

5P – THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Episode #2009-09084 (Original Air Date – 2/16/09) – Still stunned that Chloe’s been lying about Cane being the father of her baby, Lily has no choice but to then help Chloe through her labor. Billy takes over and delivers the baby just as Cane walks in and gushes over “his” newborn daughter.

6P – THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Episode #2009-09088 (Original Air Date Friday – 2/20/09) – In the hospital, Cane’s incredulous as Chloe and Billy tell him that he’s not baby Cordelia’s biological father – Billy is. Furious Cane declares that he’s still going to raise her, and while Chloe’s having tests done, he signs the birth certificate.

7P – THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Episode #2009-09092 (Original Air Date – 2/26/09) – Billy shows up to visit Delia and bring her a present, but tensions are running high and Cane punches him. After Billy leaves, Cane tells Chloe he’s now calling the shots regarding Delia. Meanwhile, Billy tells Jack that he’s more determined than ever to get custody of the baby.

8P – THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Episode #2009-09127 (Original Air Date – 4/20/09) – Just before the custody hearing is to start, Lily finally convinces Cane that dropping the lawsuit is the right thing to do. In the courtroom, Cane gives tearful Chloe the good news. She swears she’s changed and still wants him to be a part of Delia’s life.

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