Wednesday, June 3, 2009

News Round-up: EJ Bonilla, Dodgers, Beth Maitland

Exciting times for EJ Bonilla
These are exciting times for Brooklyn's EJ Bonilla. Not only was the 20-year-old GUIDING LIGHT cast member nominated for a Daytime Emmy (Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Se ries), but his new movie, Don't Let Me Drown, is making the festival circuit (Sundance, Latino Film Fest).

Don't take me out to the broad game
Salon's Caitlin Moscatello is less than thrilled with the Los Angeles Dodgers new Dodgers’ Women’s Initiative Network (WIN).

On June 1, fans gathered outside the WIN tent before the game to meet not Matt Kemp or Orlando Hudson, but the cast of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Don't worry if you missed it: The cast of DAYS OF OUR LIVES will be on hand for autograph signings before the game on June 6.

The stunt is enough to make many a female fan throw her foam finger in the air -- but clearly not everyone is peeved. “The events started with just 1,500 or so people signing up, and instantly tripled to 4,500 in just the first five days we had the Dodgers WIN tent,” says Charles Steinberg, the club’s executive VP of marketing and public relations.

Beth Maitlan (Traci, Y&R) profile
The Banningers’ (Beth, Christopher and daughter Emelia) currently live on a “ranchette” in Canyon Country that is also home to Beth’s four horses and a myriad of goats and chickens. I certainly enjoyed the fresh eggs she recently brought over! Though, Canyon Country has been their home for many years, Beth said, “We have lived in almost every city within Santa Clarita!”

Ripa and Consuelos casting new series
Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos' production com pany, Milojo, is launching a new series on TLC aimed at helping women entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality -- and having their product featured on HSN. Ripa will appear in each episode; they're casting next Tuesday and Wednesday at the DoubleTree Metropoli tan Hotel (51st & Lex). Ripa will be at Tuesday's session. has details.

Conor Jackson to appear on GH today
In an appearance set up by ESPN, Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Conor Jackson will make a guest appearance on GENERAL HOSPITAL on Wednesday. Jackson, a theater major at California, will play a physical therapist. ESPN's piece was about putting athletes with unusual majors into their fields of study.

Though Jackson claimed he nailed the performance on the first take, he admitted to some butterflies. "I was more nervous doing that than standing in the batters' box," he said.

The latest episode of the ANOTHER WORLD text revival is now online. You can vote at the end for where you want the story to go next.

Sedgwick to receive star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
Kyra Sedgwick, who got her professional start on ANOTHER WORLD, is set to receive the 2,384th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her star will be placed next to her husband's, former GUIDING LIGHT actor Kevin Bacon.

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  1. I hope Maria Arena Bell has read this article. Beth obviously is extremely open to returning to Y&R--and would probably love to have a more regular gig. Why not bring HER back on recurring? It would've been interesting if author Traci had been the one to help write Katherine Chancellor's biography rather than the inexperienced Amber. Then it would be more organic to have Nina working with Traci on this movie idea (and then spin Nina off into the "who is the REAL Phillip III?" storyline. I think I'd rather see more of Beth Maitland and a little bit less of Adrienne Frantz.

    Whatever happens, it sounds as if Beth Maitland is very lucky and very happy in her off-screen life.