Sunday, June 7, 2009

PHOTOS: 11th Annual Tammy Rubin Rice Softball Game

Saturday afternoon the stars of ALL MY CHILDEN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE battled the stars from AS THE WORLD TURNS and GUIDIING LIGHT in the 11th Annual Tammy Rubin Rice Celebrity Softball Game at Midwood Field in Brooklyn. The CBS team won the game 24-22 when a furious rally by ABC fell just short.

BethAnn Bonner emceed the game and was charming and hilarious throughout. She made it entertaining and fun for everyone whether you knew softball or not.

I had a fabulous time watching the game with We Love Soaps contributor Michael Goldberg and the "Soap Shrink," Damon L. Jacobs. I spoke with a number of soap fans at the event and a good time seemed to be had by all.

Below are some photos from the event.

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The CBS team included new ATWT cast member Vanessa Ray.


  1. Great pics! Do you have any of the ABC actors besides Terrell Tilford?

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  3. Hi Roger. I had a great time watching the game with you and our fellow Nuke fans. The rules of softball were certainly ignored quite liberally, but the result was fun. Of course the best part was winning the ATWT studio tour.Thank you for the invitation to write a column about my experience. I promise to keep it under 42,000 words, or maybe 42,003.