Friday, June 26, 2009

News Round-up: Chappell, Garber, Nelson, BBC

NY DAILY NEWS: New DAYS will dawn for Crystal Chappell
"At this point, all ["GL" execs] can say to us is, 'We encourage you to move on. As of today, Sept. 18 will be the last air show.' If I was independently wealthy, I would gladly hang out and wait for 'GL' to find a home. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people."

"Natalia gets a diagnosis that sends her off, and she leaves town," says Chappell. "Jessica is coming back from maternity leave after the Fourth of July break, so we'll have four weeks to tie it up. From what I've been told, it will be a hopeful end."

INTERVIEW: DAYS' Felisha Terrell (Arianna)
"I walked onto such an amazing set with great people, so getting acclimated wasn't so much of a struggle. I'm really hard on myself, with my work ethic coming from the business world. I sometimes want to be perfect. But in this business, you have to give yourself a break and realize it's a process."

Anne Roberts Nelson dies at 86; CBS television executive
The 64-year veteran, who was working for the network until January, negotiated contracts for shows such as I LOVE LUCY, ALL IN THE FAMILY and THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, among others.

BBC expenses: Executives claimed for cash machine charges, monorail tickets and Harrods teddy bears
The BBC has released a list of salaries and expenses claimed for various items. Included on the expense list was £45 for flowers for June Brown, Dot Cotton in EASTENDERS, after "exceptional performance", claimed by Mark Thompson in February 2007.

ANALYSIS: TV Everywhere Could Remake Online Ad Model
TV Everywhere, Time Warner and Comcast's initiative aimed at preserving the subscription revenue for cable programming distributed online, may end up altering the current advertising model for online video--for better or worse. Time Warner and Comcast are hoping to pursue C3 commercial rating accreditation for shows that are offered online. In order to gain that rating, however, video providers must run commercials in the same format they air on TV, according to Nielsen. A typical ad load on TV is on average around 15 minutes per hour.

How Get-Rich-Quick Ads Steal Google's Brand Equity
Sites like are using the search giant's success to scam consumers.

INTERVIEW: Soap vet Terri Garber
Garber was a guest on "Brandon's Buzz" Thursday evening.

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