Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lynn Herring Rings NYSE Opening Bell

In celebration of her new role as Audrey on AS THE WORLD TURNS, Lynn Herring rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange this morning.

Watch the video here.


  1. Not that it matters, but... why?

  2. newcru, I updated the post after receiving confirmation that she rang the opening bell in celebration of her new ATWT role.

  3. That seems kind of strange. I love Lynn and all, but is she really that big of a star to get such treatment?

    It's still cool publicity though.

  4. I actually think it's pretty cool. I think soaps should go bigger with the publicity and not just settle for a half page spoiler article in a soap magazine once a month. GL really stepped up promotion earlier this year and now it looks like ATWT is doing the same. I have noticed full page print ads, Google ads EVERYWHERE and more. Not every idea will work but I'm always happy to see the shows coming up with new ways to promote themselves and their actors.