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Live-Blogging Y&R: The New Adam

Michael Muhney debuts today as the new Adam on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Chris Engen's controversial mid-contract departure forced the show to recast. Fans have been anxiously awaiting Muhney's arrival and wondering what impact he might have on the Ashley gaslighting storyline.

We Love Soaps will be live-blogging this episdoe so check back at 12:30pm ET.

12:30 The show opens with Victor (Eric Braeden) on the phone asking someone to come to the ranch. Ashley walks downstairs and promises him she'll stay away from Estella's arraignment (somehow I doubt it).

12:31 Peter Bergman voice over: "The role of Adam will now be played by Michael Muhney." Muhney looks great.

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12:32 It sort of looks like blind Adam was "looking" at Victor. Nikki is convinced Adam is guilty. The smartest woman in Genoa City! Opening theme time.

12:33 Noah wants to talk to Mr. Torres. He needs advice. He wants to become an emancipated minor. Rafe looks like he's Noah's age today.

12:34 Nick and Sharon have important news for Noah. They are going to be on another SOD cover!!

12:35 Nick is sure Sharon's baby is his. Meanwhile, Mary Jane is stroking her kitty. I love that cat! Knock on the door and she says to the cat, "Shhh. Not a peep," and shoves it under the sofa. It's Jack. He walks in and she strips off her clothes. She must have had some plastic surgeon!

12:38 Brilliant private investigator JT is doubting Adam's guilt. Victoria wants to change the subject leaving Nikki and JT to talk about Sabrina.

12:40 Victor is telling Ashley about the day Hope found out she was pregnant. "Vash" are feeling sorry for Adam. What suckers!

12:41 Heather showed up in Adam's room. How did she get upstairs? Oh, she came up the back way. What back way? Adam tells her the latest prognosis from the doctor. He's now telling her his made up story about the inmates sticking needles in his eyes.

12:43 Muhney is doing a good job of conveying Adam's anger so far. Depression commercial time!

12:45 I thought the lady in the Activia commercial was Julie Pinson for a second. It wasn't.

12:46 JT and Victoria arrive at the ranch. He tries to explain why he took Sabrina's portrait down. Victor wants her to build his collection at the Newman Art Foundation.

12:48 Oh no! Farrah Fawcett has died. I just received an instant message about it. She was my first celebrity crush. Her cancer struggle has been so sad.

12:49 Sadly back to Y&R fantasy land for the moment, Ashley arrives at the courthouse and Nikki is telling her Estella has been set up. Nikki: "Do you think every blind person has a halo?"

12:50 Heather is giving Adam a pep talk. I think Adam is wearing one of Braeden's SOD cover signature black shirts (the black button down not the black t-shirt). Ugh, scrolling news about Farrah at the bottom of the screen.

12:51 Adam and Heather kiss. This seems SO wrong with Farrah's death scrolling down here. Now we switch to Jack and Mary Jane in bed. They both think each other was incredible. She tells him she's falling for him.

12:52 MJ is the only woman Jack wants to be with. Wait, they are in bed but that conversation was a crazy MJ dream. Jack never said that.

12:53 Jack is curious how she knows about Phyllis' son being in trouble. She wants more action and less talk but he stops her.

12:54 Nick and Sharon tell Noah they are in it for the long haul this time. Noah isn't moving into their new house because he doesn't want to live with them. Way to go, Noah. Until they are off the cover of SOD for a month, he will not cave in.

12:55 Sharon's look is hilarious when Noah tells them he's filing for emancipation.

12:59 Nick and Sharon are convinced Noah's bringing this up because of Eden.

1:00 Muhney is shirtless already on his first day. Looking good, Mr. Muhney. Adam and Heather are in bed together. She wants to take all his pain away. I think you just did, Heather. At least for two minutes.

1:01 Ashley is still being a complete idiot with Nikki. Rafe overhears and says he wants justice. He seriously looks 16 today.

1:02 Back to Victoria talking about Sabrina. This is the weak link of today's show.

1:04 Victor is wondering if someone who didn't live at the ranch is responsible for Ashley's gaslighting. JT tells him that he saw Mary Jane at the ranch a while back. Victor seems intrigued about Mary Jane and what is going on with her.

1:05 JT finds out Mary Jane has been at the ranch multiple times. Meanwhile, MJ and Jack are dressed and out of bed. Jack wants them to be on the same page. Their relationship is about fun and games only.

1:06 Jack leaves and MJ fetches Kitty from under the sofa and says, "It's happening!"

1:10 Noah is giving Shick the silent treatment. Now he's talking and calls them hypocrites. They want him to not grow up so fast. He is throwing their teenage mistakes in their face. He tells them they are too screwed to run their own lives. The truth hurts.

1:12 At the courthouse, Rafe requests minimum bail and Heather agrees. Bail is set at $5,000. Ashley threatens Estella. Shut up, Ashley!

1:13 Victor is asking someone else (Mary Jane?) to come to the ranch and Adam is on the stairs eavesdropping.

1:16 Jack is talking to Noah and trying to tell him that Shick loves him despite their mistakes. He wants to Noah to wait a few weeks.

1:17 No! The news of Farrah's death is scrolling across the bottom of the screen again. How despressing. This time it's during a JT and Victoria scene and they're having a seemingly pointless conversation about Victor's art collection.

1:19 At the courthouse, Ashley wants to know why Heather didn't oppose bail. Nikki thinks the arraignment is a travesty! I love Melody Thomas Scott.

1:20 Mary Jane shows up to see Victor and he tells her she's been breaking the boundaries of the past (huh?). He accuses her of stabbingg him in the back and wants to show if she thinks she'll get away with it.

1:23 Victoria called someone about a piece of Jeff Koons art (that egg I believe) and a mysterious hand was on the other end of the line taking the call. This stirs up a bit of my interest.

1:24 Nikki tells Rafe she's convinced Adam is guilty. Rafe doesn't want to believe it, but he's suspicious.

1:25 Adam is standing by a big fake rock listening to Victor talking with Mary Jane about the mutilated statue of Sabrina.

1:26 Victor brought her there to keep an eye on Jack Abbott!!!!! And she better do that and only that!!!!

1:27 Sharon's test results are in. They can find out now who the father of her baby is now.

1:28 PREVIEW: Adam is telling Rafe he has feelings for him!

Overall a good episode. I'll share more thoughts on Michael Muhney in the We Love Soaps weekly "First Impressions" column this weekend.

- Chris Engen Blogs About His Y&R Departure

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  1. Thanks for this!! And maybe it's wrong, but I don't really miss Chris at all ;) MM is doing great - for once I'm actually excited about the show.