Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Globe Reveals Phillip III Storyline?

According to the tabloid, The Globe, Phillip III faked his death on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS because he was gay.

Thom Bierdz feared coming out would ruin his career, but now he's returning to Y&R and his character, Phillip Chancellor III, is gay just like him! His character was killed in 1989 after "dying" in a drunk driving accident. A Y&R insider tells The Globe that "Phillip is GAY and faked his death because he couldn't continue living a lie!"

They also speculate that Phillip III may hook up with gay lawyer, Rafe.

Since this is a tabloid take it with a grain of salt, but it makes sense given what we know so far.

- Sinking Soap Goes Gay To Save The Day!


  1. That would be an interesting twist. When is he back full time?

  2. Does this mean that spoilers about Philip IV also being gay were wrong? I hope so.

  3. When CBS Soaps in Depth announced Driscoll they implied he might be paired with Rafe, but that was never a real spoiler. I think I've heard his character will be involved with Chloe in some way.