Saturday, June 27, 2009

Daytime Emmy Red Carpet Show

There will be a one hour live red carpet pre-show on The CW hosted by Lara Spencer (INSIDER) and Kevin Frazier (ET) prior to their live two-hour Daytime Emmy telecast. SOAPnet was offered the chance to do a red carpet show and they were not interested. They were also not interested in rerunning the telecast after it finished on The CW. SOAPnet was never offered a chance to air the Emmys live by the way despite much discussion online about the networking being a possible home for the show.

Gilles Marini has been confirmed as a presented.

Look for a big press release on Monday with Daytime Emmy news involving Susan Lucci, Anthony Geary and Kelly Monaco.


  1. I'm sorry but when is Soapnet going to change their name? Honestly I feel like getting a tivo just so I can cancel my subscription to it.

  2. Gee, could their announcement be that the three of them are going to be the HOSTS OF THE EMMY SHOW?? :-)

  3. I thought that Vanessa Williams was hosting it? I wouldn't mind the three of them hosting the show but wouldn't that leave out CBS and NBC and since their on the CW they shouldn't just pander to one network but who knows.

  4. Vanessa Williams is hosting. I think she'll do a great job.