Monday, May 11, 2009

News Round-up: Sean Moynihan, CEOs, WEB SOUP

CEOs report brutal Q1, but claim signs of turnaround
First-quarter results and second-quarter projections offered little evidence that the advertising market is actually back, but media chiefs from Rupert Murdoch to Leslie Moonves are sounding more upbeat about the second half to come.

“The key takeaway is that every major media conglomerate executive is saying the worst is behind us, or that there's stability or that there are signs of improvement in local and national,” says David Joyce, media analyst with Miller Tabak. “The second quarter may have the same kind of negative results as the first, but the second half is showing signs of improving.”

Sean Moynihan returns to soaps after 14 years
Sean Moynihan, a deputy district attorney in Denver, recently received a phone call from the writers of ONE LIFE TO LIVE But the writers weren't looking for legal advice or representation. Instead, they were calling to get Moynihan, who was a regular on the show 14 years ago, to come back and play his old character.

"They just called out of nowhere and said, 'Want to come back?'" he said. "It's bizarre. I figured someday when I retired I'd get back into doing the stage. You know, playing older guy parts."

But the call came much earlier than expected. Moynihan said people would always joke that, since his character was in a mental hospital, he might come back eventually. He never really took the possibility seriously.

"It was always a joke," he said. "We'd have a few laughs and say, 'Yeah, maybe I'll come back some day ha, ha, ha,' and it was never serious. I did not expect ONE LIFE TO LIVE to ever contact me."

GUIDING LIGHT PROJECT: The Antiheroine Evolves
Lana M. Nieves writes: "The first segment of this examination focused on likeness - the elements that Holly Norris and Olivia Spencer share, and which somewhat set them apart from previous soap opera females. There are, of course, also some significant differences between the two. I see a lot of the differences between the two characters as the evolution of the antiheroine archetype. And thank God she's moved from prototype to archetype! Soaps wouldn't be half so much fun if there were only GOOD women and BAD women, and nothing in between."

Byrne and Bryce to appear on "Your Mental Health"
Jacqueline Foreman is thrilled to announce that she will be interviewing both actress/singer Martha Byrne and actor Scott Bryce. Byrne's interview is scheduled for 8 PM EDT on May 25 and Bryce will be joining Ms. Foreman on May 26 also at 8 PM EDT. The shows can be listened to live or in archived format after they air at Listeners are encouraged to call in to speak to both actors live at 347-838-9159.

WEB SOUP coming to G4
G4 has ordered a Web-centric spinoff of popular E! series THE SOUP. The new series, WEB SOUP, features comedian Chris Hardwick showing viewers the best and worst moments in online video. Each episode is broken into segments with such titles as "This Week in FAIL" and "Things You Can't Un-See."

Networks countdown to upfronts
Variety takes a look at who's got the wind at their back as the Big Four and CW begin the seven-day countdown to upfront week.

Hulu's tug of war with TV
With Hulu's online video usage growing, the media companies that own it are making changes to ensure they aren't ruining their traditional TV businesses, the Los Angeles Times reports.

SNL VIDEO: Get a Load of Timberlake and Samberg's "Motherlover"
Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg have come up with another gift that just keeps on giving. Having previously delivered the Emmy-winning Saturday Night Live digital short "D**k In a Box," the singer host and funnyman collaborated once again for this weekend's show. In "Motherlover," JT and Samberg's hirsute alter egos decide that, having forgotten to shop for Mother's Day, they'll "take care" of each other's moms. One of the mom's is played by former A WORLD APART and SEARCH FOR TOMORROW star Susan Sarandon.

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