Wednesday, May 27, 2009

News Round-up: Lisa Peluso, Erin Torpey, NYC Tax

Lynn Leahey on Chris Engen's MySpace statement
"I'm glad Chris Engen responded to the rumors that he quit Y&R because he refused to kiss a man on television. Because of the timing of his exit, and that fact that he is taking the unusual (and professionally risky) step of breaking his contract with the show, people jumped to the conclusion that he's a homophobe. Judging from his statement on MySpace, that doesn't appear to be the case at all."

Two Ways to Target Ads Compete in Cable
Cable television has two approaches to creating advertising that is targeted to selected customers the way the Internet can, the Wall Street Journal says. Canoe Ventures aims to address ads to individual homes with certain demographic characteristics, while National Cable Communications allows advertisers to send different ads to different geographic zones based on income, ethnicity and geography to achieve the same effect.

NYC to renew popular film tax credit
The city is introducing legislation in Albany this week to extend the popular tax incentive program that began in 2005 to give a boost to an industry that pumps $5 billion a year into the local economy, officials told The Associated Press. The initial 5% tax credit -- on top of a state credit -- was wildly successful in bringing millions of dollars worth of film and television business to the city, including the ABC comedy UGLY BETTY and Jennifer Aniston's upcoming movie, The Baster.

Lisa Peluso on her favorite ANOTHER WORLD memories
"Just the daily day to day was a joy. I had such a great experience there. For a while I kept in touch with Robert Kelker-Kelly (Shane), Kim Rhodes (Cindy) and Rhonda Ross Kendrick (Toni), but sadly we have not kept in touch in recent years. But they are all still warmly in my thoughts. I still keep in touch with Eldo Estes, the show's make-up artist. Lila was a great character. I miss her very much."

Read the latest episode of the AW text revival and vote on where you want the show to go next.

Deep Soap: When Subtext Becomes Text
Sara Bibel writes: "Like many other fans, I’m pissed off at the Ethan-is-Luke’s long lost son storyline on GENERAL HOSPITAL. It spits on Luke and Laura’s history to now claim that Luke was a serial cheater who always hated having a relatively traditional family. It’s especially frustrating because Luke and Laura were on the canvas during the period when Ethan was born. They were happy and in love. Luke occasionally had wanderlust, but he cherished his wife and his children. Luke preferring the company of grifter Ethan over his police officer son isn’t cool or edgy. Instead, Luke comes across as a schmuck."

Erin Torpey and Hamilton von Watts wedding photos and details
"Erin (ex-Jessica, OLTL) and Hamilton were a dream to work with. You see, besides being unbelievably kind and sweet, they sure know how to work the camera as they have both spent the better part of their lives in front of it (big screen and small). Their wedding was intimate and classy and the 18 person guest list was made up of immediate family only, the minister and his wife and their good friend and fellow actriccce, Rusty, who introduced the couple. The ceremony was right there, on the public beach in front of the newly redone Malibu Beach Inn, followed by a scrumptious dinner on the lovely terrace of the hotel."

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