Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Maria Arena Bell Talks Y&R, Emmys and More

In a new interview with TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS executive producer Maria Arena Bell speaks frankly about the Emmys, Chris Engen, GUIDING LIGHT's cancellation and reveals her thoughts on so many of the burning questions fans have at the moment regarding daytime's top-rated soap.

She spoke about the Emmy process and the lack of a Drama Series nomination for Y&R.

As an Emmy judge this year, I found myself with a few gripes. I didn’t understand what these shows did on a daily basis. I didn’t get a sense of these shows. I watched one gigantic stunt episode after another. Afterwards, I was left asking: What are these shows really about? What’s their production like on any given day? What’s their storyline process? These shows air 53 weeks a year, and almost air five days a week out of the calendar year. As a judge, I wanted to honor the best drama series of the year, not just one special episode. Which is why I stand by my submission because I felt like what we offered was emblematic of what Y&R delivers each and every day.

She also spoke about the decreasing budget at Y&R.

Our licencing fee was recently [slashed] so we’re dealing with it the best we can. I think we’re doing a great job in that respect without having to sacrifice quality or our history. We’re also not reacting to these cuts as dramatically as other shows are. Y&R will look and feel the same with, by and large, the same cast. I want all our viewers to know that everything will be OK because I still feel that we’re not at the mercy of these cuts.

Read the full interview here.

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  1. Interesting read. And can't wait to see a little more pink in Genoa City! Maybe Rafe is gonna have a boyfriend AND some friends!