News Round-up: Dorothy Bryce, Labels, Dear John Letter

Numbers tell sad tale for 2008-09 season
At the close of the 2008-09 season, which officially ended Wednesday night, the sum of average broadcast network ratings changes put the Big Four down a collective 16% in the demo (or about -4% per network).

Fox won the season in the adults 18-49 demographic, averaging 9.8 million viewers and a 3.6 demo rating in the "most current" Nielsen Media Research figures, which include DVR use. CBS won in total viewers, averaging 11.8 million, and was the runner-up with a 3.1 in 18-49.

SAG members divided over new deal
The deep divides within the Screen Actors Guild came into sharp focus Thursday evening as 600 thesps attended a raucous town hall meeting over the contentious ratification vote on the feature-primetime deal. The members-only meeting at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel featured opponents of the deal giving a standing ovation for president Alan Rosenberg and booing interim national exec director David White. At one point, former SAG president Ed Asner invoked the Holocaust to describe the impact of the tentative deal, prompting a member to sharply criticize him for making the comparison.

Actress Dorothy Bryce Dies at 85
Dorothy M. Bryce, an actress who with her late husband Ed (ex-Bill, GL), graced the stages of Broadway and local theater for more than 50 years, died today at her Westport home. She was 85. She apppeared on GUIDING LIGHT and THE DOCTORS as an actress. She is survived by her son Scott Bryce (ex-Craig, ATWT) among others. A memorial service will be held Saturday, May 30, at 3 p.m. at Saugatuck Congregational Church.

Otalia: No Labels
Blogger Mindschmootz writes: "I have read in recent days where some closet Otalia viewers or fans of the other network’s team, this competition of sorts mystifies me, have publicly chided CBS and GUIDING LIGHT for this tactic trying to force some kind of official statement. It will never happen. By staying pat on some kind of official moniker, the powers that be allow thousands of different labels to be applied, each and every one placed by a different viewer. It’s personal and assumes ownership, and it allows infinite boundaries. Why confine this storyline to the two dimensional signal of it’s origin?"

Watch previews of The CWs new 2009-2010 series
Looks at the new CW shows including THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE (starring former ATWT actor Jordan Woolley) and VAMPIRE DIARIES (starring former ATWT/FNL actor Zach Roerig).

Dear John letter for B&B's Nick
Bridget and Nick find a "Dear John" letter to him from his fiancée, Katie, today on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. So what do they do? "They make love," Ashley Jones, who plays Bridget, tells the New York Daily News. "She says she wants to go home, and he says she is home. Then he picks her up and carries her upstairs. It's a sweet moment."

It happens in real life too: Fraternal Twins Born to Different Fathers Are Half-Siblings
Mia Washington of Dallas, TX, and her partner noticed that their 11-month-olds, Justin and Jordan, had different facial features. The couple decided to go to a DNA clinic in Dallas and tests showed that there’s a 99.999% chance that Justin and Jordan did not have the same father. After the results, Washington revealed that she wasn’t faithful.

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