Thursday, May 14, 2009

Daytime Emmy Update: ATI Visits AMC/OLTL

As previously mentioned, ATI president of Worldwide Media and Entertainment, Jim Romanovich, who was the key player in bringing the Daytime Emmy Awards to The CW, plans to visit the sets of all eight daytime dramas before the final nominations are announced. On Wednesday he visited the sets of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE and shared his thoughts with We Love Soaps.

My day started at ALL MY CHILDREN as I was given quite a bit of time with Julie Carruthers. I really enjoyed speaking with her and, once again, she seemed impressed that I took a personal interest in her show that I would fly across country to meet with her and her fellow producers. I think she was surprised how much of a pleasure it was for me. As I visit these folks, they are all equally passionate and share the same vision for excellence, although each has a different way of getting there. Julie has her methods that result in her show running like a fine tuned clock. I had a long conversation with Jamie Luner (Liza) and she really captivated me. She has dynamite eyes and a velvety seductress voice that suits her character well. Vincent Irizarry was very funny as I kept running into him everywhere we went. Great actor. Debbie Morgan and Jacob Young were buzzing around and Cameron Matheson is that show’s spokesperson and a very nice guy. He is well respected and one of the hardest working actors on the show. And, saving the best for last, meeting Susan Lucci was like meeting royalty except she was very real and very warm. We talked about a few things that perhaps I’ll share later. My only regret was missing David Canary who was there that day. Years before, we had produced the last incarnation of BONANZA called THE PONDEROSA starring Daniel Hugh Kelly. It was an authentic prequel to the iconic show which lasted one season. But I was always a fan of BONANZA and was impressed how Canary followed in Pernell Roberts (Adam, ironically) footsteps not as a replacement, but as his own individual popular character. I think he even gave Mike Landon a run for his money!

Once we left there, we walked down the street and entered the “castle”- a former police station which now houses ONE LIFE OT LIVE. When I met Frank Valentini, I felt like I was talking to a buddy. Someone who’d enjoy having a beer with me while watching the game. He’s a multi-talented guy that, although young, seems much more youthful than his years. He, as well as Julie Carruthers when we were at AMC, personally took Frank, Brent and me around to meet everyone. Scott Clifton was just as funny as you would imagine. Clifton is also one of the brightest kids I’ve met. I also had the pleasure of meeting Farah Fath and Jean-Paul Lavoisier. Once again, although both young actors, they seem much younger by appearance. Because they’re playing such heavy adult roles, I assumed they were older than they were. But I like these two. Great chemistry. Like AMC, OLTL has a supremely talented cast and it was my privilege to be there.

As you may know now, Vanessa Williams is our host. I told you we had a short list and the idea of bringing a “show” value production to the awards is what we wanted. I can’t think of anyone better than Ms. Williams to deliver the goods.

I’m still working out my schedule for THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, so stay tuned. And good luck to all of today’s nominees.

Let the games begin…

The Daytime Emmy Awards will air on The CW on August 30.

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