Daytime Emmy Update: ATI Visits GH

As previously mentioned, ATI president of Worldwide Media and Entertainment, Jim Romanovich, who was the key player in bringing the Daytime Emmy Awards to The CW, plans to visit the sets of all eight daytime dramas before the final nominations are announced. On Wednesday he visited the set of GENERAL HOSPITAL and shared his thoughts with We Love Soaps.

Today was a personal thrill for me as I was invited into the inner sanctum of what is known to the world as GENERAL HOSPITAL. Everybody associated with the show from the producers, especially Jill Phelps, couldn’t have been more gracious. Jill and I spoke for over an hour about the Emmys, what she would like to see (and what she would like to see eliminated) as well as talking GH history. I really chatted up her perspective on what she likes and strives to do. She really does love what she does. I think I surprised Mark Teschner (GH casting director) as I stumped him on the name of one character recast from the past. They were both pleased to find out that I was a true fan and not the “job for hire” guy. I really wanted to know how they felt about the Emmys and what value they placed upon it. To her credit, Jill told me that most, if not all, in the industry support the institution and want to see it thrive. I was glad to hear that as that’s how I feel about the soaps. And if the Daytime Emmys provides that promotional platform, then we all win. ATI and David McKenzie really want to make this a fun party night and let the viewers in on it. How bad can that be?

I also have to comment on the massive stage and the new nurses’ station. Really spectacular. While watching today’s scenes, I had the chance to say hello to a few of the cast members who were all in good spirits and to me seemed like they were all good friends. Even with the crew who also have been there for years.

Romanovich will be visiting the sets of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL on Thursday.

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  1. What a beautiful series of updates. On finally gets the sense that a "fan" is involved. Thank you for sharing these.