Friday, May 8, 2009

Check Out PUSHED at

PUSHED is an edgy thriller soap on featuring a beautiful young model, London, who thinks she has it all – marriage, money, fame - until her jealous husband turns her into a prisoner in her own home. London is forced into battling the tragic memories of her mother’s death and her place in life. The truth is somewhere within the hidden cameras, locked databases and constant deceit.

I have watched the first 25 episodes and now I'm hooked. This is one of the better web series I have featured on We Love Soaps.

The show stars Veronica Taylor, Mark Matkevich, Holland Roden, Scott Seymour (ex-Billy, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) , Catherine Hicks (ex-Faith, RYAN'S HOPE), William R. Moses (ex-Cole, FALCON CREST), Molly Culver, Kimberly Horner, Asante Jones, and Marco Mannone.

Jeremy Littman and Morgan Gendel are both the writers and producers of the series.

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  1. This show is amazing! I got hooked after the first episode and ended up watching all 25 in one setting! So addicting...check it out on

  2. Super models.. check! Deep secreats, Check! May have killed her mom.. check! Slutty little sister Check!

    Yep, this is a winner!

  3. I only started watching Pushed this morning and I've already watched 12 episodes! It's so good and has a very intriguing plot, I definitely recommend checking it out.

  4. I recently started watching "Pushed" and I am hooked. After every episode it leaves you wanting to know what happens next. I watched a few episodes, and pretty much watched the rest. Its soooo good!

  5. "Pushed" is a really awesome show. I love the drama and the mystery surrounding the characters and the plot. It's very clever and makes me what to watch more, to see what's going to happen next. I love this show, I wish it actually aired on tv! It's a great show, everyone should watch it.

  6. Can't watch. Not from the US. :(