Friday, April 24, 2009

SOD: I Stand Corrected - From Zero to One

In a recent post on the Soap Opera Digest covers for the past year, I mentioned that it had been one full year (52 issues) since an African American had appeared on the cover. I now stand corrected. Kristoff St. John did appear on the cover of the September 23, 2008 issue that was on newsstands. I received a very rare AS THE WORLD TURNS cover that week featuring Holden/Lily/Carly which St. John did not appear on. But if you look close enough at the newstand edition (left) you will spot him. I'm not sure this is much better, but I did want to point out the discrepancy.

Also, for home subscribers, a Darnell Williams-Debbie Morgan cover was distributed on the May 27, 2008 issue (newsstands got a DAYS cover with no Debbie-Darnell). So that's one African American on the cover of SOD at newsstands, one for home subscribers in the past year.

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