Friday, April 24, 2009

FLASHBACK: The Week in Review 1977

Recaps from the week of February 7-11, 1977.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Kay showered JoAnn with a new wardrobe when she feared she'd lose JoAnn to Phil Cooper. Greg suspected Snapper pulled Bill's plug. While Vanessa hired a detective to find a copy of Laurie's book, Laurie and Lance attended Leslie's Madrid concert.

SEARCH FOR TOMORROW: David found Jennifer, who was ready to skip town, and brought her back to the courtroom. Bruce admitted his love to Amy and told her that Gail, who left town, was only a fling.

RYAN'S HOPE: During Pat's engagement party to Faith, Doc told him she's pregnant. Frank was devastated when Jill finally revealed she was carrying Seneca's child, not his. Frustrated with his sexual incapabilities, Jack began annulment proceedings.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Kevin was being cared for by the couple Cathy left him with, but they were reluctant to call the police. Larry dated a a new doctor, Gail Dexter, but later tore Karen away from Alan. Brad fumed when Jenny suggested he be more like his father. Joe gave up hope of finding Kevin when Cathy told him the baby was dead.

MARY HARTMAN MARY HARTMAN: Pat's cell mate, Cookie LaRue, forced Pat to join her in a jail break. Mary took a job at the assembly line and became one of the boys, much to Tom's consternation that she's let the house go to pot. George insisted the Shumway house not be used as a tourist attraction and smashed the Marquette Rock.

LOVERS AND FRIENDS: Jason set up Rhett and Megan in a compromising situation. Desmond found them and ordered her to stop seeing Rhett. Austin admitted he had a drinking problem and wanted Les to help him, but Richard insisted he go to an expensive sanitarium.

LOVE OF LIFE: Felicia decided against and abortion, but procrastinated telling Charles. Cal found Mia's telephone number in Ben's coat and suspected that the trouble between Ben and Betsy was "this other woman."

GUIDING LIGHT: Rita freaked out when Raymond gave the D.A. an incriminating letter she feared would expose her relationship with Roger. Jackie apologized to Evie and asked her to return to work.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jeff told Heather he can't marry her, even though she's pregnant with his child, because he reconciled with Monica. Lesley found a bitter Laura in a Canadian commune. Diana worried about Mike's recurrring nightmares.

THE EDGE OF NIGHT: As the police were ready to raid Darcy's island, Nicole was reported missing. Mike was convinced Nancy worked for Saxon because she loves Beau. Jose gave Laurie the run-around about Timmy.

THE DOCTORS: Steve asked Ann to marry him after she successfully performed an emergency tracheotomy on Stephanie. Paul returned from a visit with Stacy in Canada to learn that his retarded son had died. M.J. took a leave of absence.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Jeri changed her mind about taking Laura off Trish's case when Trish went berserk. Karl told Marlena that Sharon's tales about his unfaithfulness are a fantasy. Robert and Rebecca maintained separate bedrooms. Doug and Julie fought when he gave Jeri a steady job.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Lisa opened her big mouth to Valerie about Cliff's attempted seduction of Kim. Val accused Kim of spreading more lies and got cozy with Bob. John and Pat rented a house outside of town and made plans to kidnap Andy while he's with Carol.

ANOTHER WORLD: Olive returned to Bay City with John, but Ray told her there would be no divorce at John's expense. Iris spread rumors about Dave and Rachel. Mac offered Burt a job adn Jeff asked Clarice to put in a good word with Mac for a job. Russ promised not to mistreat Sharlene, but she stayed with Alice.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Chuck insisted Little Phil couldn't move in with Phil and Tara after the child had an asthma attack. Phoebe accuses Christina of trying to ruin Paul and Anne's marriage. Erica toyed with Jeff, Nick and Mark. Kitty convinced Mrs. Lum to return to Pine Valley.

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