Sunday, April 26, 2009

News Round-up: Upfronts, Shaffer/Maroney, Rue

Upfront haul expected to drop
The upfront haul for the Big Four broadcast networks will decrease 15% from the 2008 tally to about $7.7 billion, according to a projection by Barclays Capital. Miller Tabak predicts a more modest Big Four decline of 9.8%, to $8 billion, and a 9.9% drop to $8.4 billion for the six broadcast networks.

Networks scaling back upfront soirees
After the broadcast networks opted mostly for subdued upfront presentations coming off the WGA strike last year, some expected a rebound this year. But the recession has put a damper on that, and the switch to lower-key festivities seems permanent. For a second year in a row, there will be scaled-back presentation parties and fewer Hollywood types in New York during primetime week.

INTERVIEW: Louise Shaffer and Kelli Maroney
The mother-daughter from RYAN'S HOPE appeared together on "Robert Reid Live" on Sunday night.

Rue McClanahan (ex-Caroline, AW) remembers Bea Arthur
"What I got attached to, as an actress, was her impeccable timing. And I loved playing scenes with her. She taught me, by watching her, even back during Maude, to be outrageously courageous as a comedienne, to go out on a limb, to go farther than I've ever dreamed of going."

INTERVIEW: Allyson Rice-Taylor (ex-Connor, ATWT)
"It was a shock to me at the time. It came completely out of the blue. Our executive producer had been fired and it was a new executive producer and Procter and Gamble people that had come in. The only thing I can think of is that they gave the part to an actress who had been on a soap that competed with ours in the same time slot, so in their attempt to boost ratings they were hoping she'd pull some of the viewers away from the other show so that they'd watch As the World Turns. But that's just a guess. I don't really know what their thinking was. No one ever gave me a straight answer about it. They told me on a Friday night after we finished that the new actress would be starting on Monday morning, and that was it."

Soap stars to appear at Kentucky Derby party
Among the stars attending the Friday, May 1, party are Kathryn Joosten from DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, Emmy Award-winner Marg Helgenberger and former ALL MY CHILDREN actress Rebecca Budig.

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