Sunday, April 26, 2009

News Round-up: Stagecoach, Spinelli, Sarah Barnes

INTERVIEW: GH's Bradford Anderson (Spinelli)
"When people recognize me they always have nice things to say, and whenever we go to events, I always have a good time at them.
I am assuming they are having a good time, too. Whether they like my character, it’s kind of about that we are all having a good time. I mean, I don’t think I have had any death threats lately. So, in that sense I think I am doing Ok. (He laughs) It’s wonderful to hear nice things, and its good news in these tough economic times that I have a little job security. I just go to work and have a good time every day. I guess people recognize that, and that is great."

ABC Daytime soap stars ride into Indio for Stagecoach festival
The Stagecoach Country Music Festival kicked off its third installment Saturday, but it had a little more star power from folks who aren't known for their tunes. While big-name acts such as Reba McEntire and Brad Paisley played on stage for tens of thousands of fans, other concertgoers hoped to get a glimpse of their favorite actors. This year is the first that ABC Daytime and Soapnet have come to Indio to bridge the gap between country music and soap operas.

"Fans watch GENERAL HOSPITAL for the stories, and I think country music really are stories," GH star Steve Burton said in an interview.

Egan introduces Rucker at Stagecoach
Melissa Claire Egan, who plays Annie McDermott Lavery on ALL MY CHILDREN, was the lucky actress to introduce Darius Rucker's show on the Mane Stage at the Stagecoach music festival.

“Some of you might know him as Hootie,” she said. “But tonight he's rockin' it out, country style.”

Two Worlds Collide at Stagecoach

This collision of the country music world and the TV world gives soap stars a chance to meet their adoring fans and sign autographs. Afterward, they'll be the fans, adoring their favorite stars.

"I like Kid Rock," says GH's Brandon Barash.

"They're all amazing performers, every one of them," says GH actor, Jason Thompson. "It's fun to watch."

"It's a bargain to see all of these artists in one weekend," says AMC's Bobbie Eakes.

HOLLYOAKS' Sarah Barnes comes out
Sarah Barnes is finally set to come out in HOLLYOAKS. The leggy brunette, played by Loui Batley, has been questioning her sexuality ever since her drunken liaison with best mate Zoe a few months ago, and her attraction towards new student Lydia has recently developed into a full-blown obsession. After a series of misunderstandings, the pair soon admit their feelings for one another after attending Zoe's 'girls only' party.

Bea Arthur Dies at 86
Beatrice Arthur, the Emmy Award-winning actress best known for her work in the sitcoms MAUDE and GOLDEN GIRLS, died Saturday. She was 86.

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