Friday, April 10, 2009

GL Jumps in Google Trends

Obviously the news of GUIDING LIGHT being canceled by CBS has been everywhere in the nine days. The large volume of news stories and searches on the show is demostrated by the spike in the latest Google Hot Trends charts below.

Here are the top cities where GUIDING LIGHT searches are most popular:
1. Pittsburgh, PA, USA
2. Rochester, NY, USA
3. Meriden, CT, USA
4. Charlotte, NC, USA
5. Baltimore, MD, USA
6. Cincinnati, OH, USA
7. Columbus, OH, USA
8. Raleigh, NC, USA
9. Indianapolis, IN, USA
10. Philadelphia, PA, USA


  1. I am not surprised! Nor am I surprised that the Pittsburgh area leads the way. GL has remained one of GL's strong holds despite the local affiliate's decision to bump her from the 3:00 time slot to 10:00 several years ago in order to try and boost Dr. Phil---the viewers followed the LIGHT!
    Keep the LIGHT Shining!

  2. What is the late 2006/early 2007 bump in google trends? The new production model didn't start till early 2008, and there is hardly any bump there.

    What happened back in 2006-2007 to cause the bump?

  3. Mark, I'm just guessing but GL made a big push in September/Fall of 2006 when they became the first soap to launch a daily podcast (audio only) of the show.

    In January 2007, GL had their brilliant 70th anniversary episode and they began the Finding Your Light campaign.

  4. i am stoked with how high cincy is on this list. that's where P&G is headquartered. would show they are tracking the news stories a little closer.