Friday, March 27, 2009

We Love Soaps NCAA Tourney Challenge Update

As if my NCAA Tournament bracket wasn't struggling enough, Memphis and Duke lost last night and pretty much destroyed any hope I had left.

Here are the current standings for the We Love Soaps group at
1. sica2305 660 points
2. babslet 620
3. lakent 600
4. dolphingrl723 580
5. jhc2010 550
6. DykesNOBest 540
6. RogerNewcomb 540
8. MFLA2009 530 (Fairman)
8. Airmont Parrots 530
10. FCrnkypnts 510
11. Nuke-U-Lar Fallout 430

Thanks to everyone participating.


  1. i can't believe i'm still in sixth place. i thought i screwed the pooch when wake lost in the second round and i had them in the final four. oh well. i guess we are all on equal footing now that the dukies and memphis bit the big one.

    btw: gotta love my otalia fanatics. they'll put olivia/natalia in any comment that mentions "tourney" or "challenge". we are a competitive lot. you gonna count these votes, roger?

    ps: i'm DykesNOBest in the pool. it's my fantasy football name. drives the straight guys in my league crazy...

  2. Collins, I think you're going to end up ahead of me when all is said and done.

    And yes, gotta love Otalia fans. They even want them to win the NCAA Tournament! They might as well since Memphis is out. :)

    Yes, I am counting the votes here and some folks voted in the Suds Report post as well.