Monday, March 30, 2009

Soap Fans Say "Save Our Soaps"

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm re-posting this topic from FRIDAY in light of this morning's news. One daytime soap going off the air would be bad news for them all. If you care about the industry, now is the time to act.

With the constant threat of our daytime soaps being taken off the air, new efforts are being initiated by soap fans who are trying to mobilize fellow fans into doing something about it. I want to highlight a few of those efforts here. If there are others please post them in the comments and I will add to this post. Spread the word!

Keep the LIGHT Shining!

"Join the KEEP THE LIGHT ON CAMPAIGN! Please print and send some of the postcards found in the photo section. We want to flood the studio with our POSITIVE support! Don't forget to let CBS know we want to KEEP THE LIGHT ON!"

These dedicated longtime fans urge GL fans everywhere to be vocal in support of the 72-year-old show. There are many different postcards here than can be easily printed off to send to the executives at CBS.


"Nearly all of us support Proctor and Gamble on a daily basis by stocking our homes and offices with their food, body care products, and appliances. Whether or not the rumors of cancellation are true, AS THE WORLD TURNS fans are coming together to send this unified message to Procter and Gamble: We support you, please support us by not canceling As the World Turns."

Fans are posting pictures with their favorite P&G products.

And in a soap-esque effort which many peopled have contacted me about, KYLE XY fans want to save that show as well despite the fact that it recently aired its final episode.

Save The Tub
Save The Tub - Save Kyle XY


  1. Thank you so much for including the site in your blog. :)

  2. Thanks again Roger!

    Keep the Light Shining!