Tuesday, March 24, 2009

News Round-up: Braun, Hennesy, Fillion, FNL

TAMARA BRAUN: I Can See Clearly Now
In a new interview with Advocate.com, Braun weighs in on the Bianca/Reese/Zach storyline: "From my point of view, Reese is not in love with Zach and she never has been. As far as the kiss, any doubt she may have had about her relationship with Bianca dissolved immediately after it happened. It was a moment of needing a connection. It was not about being in love with Zach. She was drunk, upset, and it was unfortunate. It was a terrible mistake. As far as I am concerned, Reese has always been in love with Bianca."

Is Chad Michael Murray Being Forced Out of ONE TREE HILL?
In a YouTube video showing Murray talking with fans (which has now been removed), Murray made the following statements:
* "I won't be back."
* "They don't want me...I'm not joking."
* "See, this is what all the fans should do online, is start blogging and being pissed off that they don't want that. That's what they should do."
* "They're not bringing me back next year...because they want to save money."
* "This is actually the last scene we're shooting, right now. Shh..."

NASCAR Drivers: They’re Great Athletes, But Are They Great Actors?
In what seems to be a growing trend, many NASCAR Sprint Cup series drivers are taking their talents outside of the track, and onto the small screen. Most recently, Jeff Burton appeared on GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Carolyn Hennesy on her COUGARTOWN role
"I work in the same real estate office that [Courteney] does. I'm very ladylike and conservative, and then at night it's literally like Jekyll and Hyde. The claws come out, and the men have to go into hiding—the young men are all very afraid."

INTERVIEW: Former OLTL star Nathan Fillion
iF: In the midst of CASTLE, you did a two-part guest turn on the daytime drama ONE LIFE TO LIVE. How did that come about?

FILLION: Nobody said, "Don’t do it." The fact of the matter is, that was my first job on television [in 1994]. Those people took very, very good care of me. I’ve heard that other people on other shows had a similar experience to mine. It was tragic and terrible and nerve-wracking, but those people were very nurturing and this is coming from a guy – I was going to be a high school teacher and I got pressed into that job. It was like I won the lottery. Those people [at ONE LIFE TO LIVE] are all very near and dear to my heart, so I would do anything for them.

Gale Harold will be back on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES
Marc Cherry tells eonline.com, "We are planning to write him in before the end. We had to wait while he did his recovery, but he will be back."

What might happen on a fourth season of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS
Kyle Chandler says, "Coach has been moved into the poor part of town, and we have no pool to draw from for a football team. I think it opens up [the show] to be far more representative, having more Hispanics in the show, blacks in the show. And then also just being the underdogs going up against my old show where my wife is still principal."


  1. the article by michael fairman with tamara braun seems to have confirmed my suspicions, that she and eden were promised something beautiful and then giving something completely different. i feel for tamara, AMC definitely missed the opportunity to create another beloved character in reese by finally developing a love story that is befitting bianca, another much beloved character. i wish both actresses the best, but man, AMC, way to screw the pooch.

  2. Collins, I totally agree with you. Tamara is a class act and tries to find the positives in her answers. It seems like she was expecting not only a daytime first with the wedding but a beautiful love story to go along with it (versus the Zach angle they chose to take).