GREEK is Back!

Now that THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER has wrapped up it's first season, ABC Family premiered the new season of GREEK tonight to fill the void. And GREEK filled that void admirally.

GREEK has always been a fun and engaging show and this episode, "Take Me Home Cyprus Rhodes," was no different. The hour really flew by which is a good sign. The show does drama well but there is always a hint of comedy. And then at times it's purely comical.

Spencer Grammer continues to shine as Casey, showing a spark that never came through when she played Lucy on AS THE WORLD TURNS.

Tonight's episode began a new school year. Casey's D.C. internship wasn't all it was cracked up to be and she wanted to make some changes. She rented an off-campus apartment, but by the end of the show, she had decided to stay at the ZBZ house and Rusty and Dale were sharing the new pad. Speaking of Rusty, he wanted to live at the KT house, but he just couldn't mesh with the routine of the rowdy bunch, including the always hysterical Beaver.

In a surprising twist, Rebecca turned out to be a spy for the ZBZ's in Frannie's new soririty, IKI (or "icky" if you're Casey and Ashleigh).

Jesse McCartney debuted as Andy, a freshman friend of Calvin's, who was caught in a battle between the KTs and Omega Chis. He had significant airtime but didn't make a huge impact on this episode. The previews show he will definitely be heavily involved in the action though.

If you're not watching GREEK, check it out. It's good soapy fun and escapism.

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  1. Thanks Roger! I missed the first 15 mins. and decided to switch b/w GG and DWTS since Greek reairs at midnight.

    You're the best as always!