Tuesday, February 10, 2009

News Round-up

Anne Heche ready to hang with HBO's HUNG
Former ANOTHER WORLD Emmy winner Heche, who is pregnant, will play Thomas Jane's ex-wife in the comedy about a well-endowed basketball coach.

Nearly half of Hulu viewers are older than 55
The reason for Hulu's older viewership is its Web 1.0 launch strategy of using newspapers to attract viewers. After its release in October 2007, more than 20% of Hulu's traffic came from newspaper Web sites. By comparison, when YouTube launched in late 2005, traffic from print news Web sites accounted for less than 0.5% of its traffic.

TRISTAN ROGERS: Rumor of a Rumor
"Let’s talk about the life blood of the industry. I am of course referring to rumors. Rumors are a very necessary part of the entertainment business because without them there would be nothing to talk about. Because in reality there is very little 'real' news out there. And for another thing we would not have tabloids, INSIDE EDITION, TMZ, ET and all the other carrion that circle around the 'the business of Show'."

PRIVATE PRACTICE 'Diggs' a visit from Idina Menzel
Taye Diggs is bringing his home to work with him. The PRIVATE PRACTICE star's real-life wife, Tony winner Idina Menzel, will guest-star on the ABC series later this season. In multiple episodes, Menzel will play the mother of a patient tended to by Pete (Tim Daly).

The New Dylan McKay Comes to 90210
A new hottie is heading to our favorite zip code and he's being touted by the CW as the new Dylan McKay.

Mala Bhattacharjee on GH's Patrick and "priceless" expression
"The 'Wait, you did what with our child?!' face Patrick made during yesterday's GH, upon learning Robin left Emma with Maxie and Johnny at Mercy, was priceless. Can't wait to see how he reacts when he finds out his wife ventured outside in a blizzard with the adorable tyke and PUT HER IN A TREE."

SAG deal already faces opposition
With SAG's feature-primetime talks expected to re-launch next week, allies of president Alan Rosenberg have already declared that any deal that emerges won't be acceptable.

Time, Source Interlink Antitrust Fight Moves To NY
An antitrust suit brought by the country’s largest single-copy magazine distributor, Source Interlink Distribution LLC, against a Time Inc. subsidiary has been transferred from California to a district court in New York at Time’s request, after a judge found the defendant’s choice of forums more appropriate for the case.

Queen Latifah returns to Oscars to sing the "In Memoriam" song
She'll perform "I'll Be Seeing You" at the Academy Awards. Asumming there will be a telecast, can we get something like this at the Daytime Emmys this year?

INTERVIEW: Former PASSIONS actress Kelli McCarty
"My motto is, 'Let’s just mix it up,' and I don’t want to feel I am being pigeonholed for the rest of my life. So, I would encourage other people to step outside whatever they are doing and say, 'You know what? This is what I have always been interested in, and let me explore something else,' not necessarily adult films, but in general. Life is too short."

Nick Lachey bound for ONE TREE HILL
It'll be his first TV series cameo since The WB's TWINS.

SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES: Episode #879
Mack is stunned by Sam's revelation. Chris Gumprich joins the cast as Curt.

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