Friday, February 27, 2009

Mary Beth Evans Is Enjoying Life

Soap vet Mary Beth Evans, best known for her role as Kayla on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, was also a guest on "Buzzworthy Radio" today and was positive and upbeat after wrapping up her latest stint on the soap.

My feet have not touched the ground since I left. Life is about a thousand reinventions and I almost feel like I'm getting more done. Being away has actually spurred a lot of things for me. I'm sad for Patch and Kayla but I'm happy we had the chance to go back. It was a dream come true.

She explained how she found out about Kayla and Steve's exit.

They had been talking to us a little bit about not renewing our contracts. They were paring down the show. They weren't really leaving Salem. They would still be around, they just wouldn't be on air. Our contract was really up in May and you're guaranteed a certain number of of days, but we had already completed that number so they didn't have to go all way to May. Then they said it would be March. Then they came to us and said, 'you shot your last show a week.' I laughed. I thought it was hilarious.

Listen to the entire interview here.

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  1. Well...You know, I have always genuinely LIKED Mary Beth Evans. She seems like such a positive spirit who doesn't let things get her down for long. Seems like she took being dismissed well. Maybe she's even relieved. Days is no longer the show it was, IMO.

    She and Stephen had to fight JUST to get a confrontation scene over the whole Ava situation and I'm sorry but that's ridiculous. A confrontation scene SHOULD have been a matter of course for a situation like the one they were in. The fact that they didn't get one really points to the incompetence of the writer. She failed them. She's the same writer who's failed just about every character on that show since she arrived.

    Too bad.

    But I do wish Mary Beth good luck and I hope to see her on my screen soon. If she does get another project, you can bet that I'll check it out. She's marvelously talented and deserves good things.