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FLASHBACK: McCullough kicks up heels in Hawaii 1994

`GH' star kicks up heels in Hawaii

By Nancy M. Reichardt
United Feature Syndicate
May 22, 1994

NEW YORK - Talk about a great class trip. Kimberly McCullough, who plays Robin Scorpio on GENERAL HOSPITAL, recently returned from eight days in Oahu, Hawaii, where she performed with her high-school dance team.

"We do mainly jazz dance," says McCullough, who is quite proficient at kicking up her heels. "I've been dancing since I was born," she adds with a laugh.

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McCullough said teams gathered from the West Coast for the event. "There were a few teams from the different Hawaiian islands, one from Utah, another from Arizona," she says. "It was sort of an exhibition, because there really weren't enough teams to compete. Basically, each group performed, and then we got to watch each other. Usually, you don't get to do that. When you're in a competition, you do your (routine), then you're not allowed to go out on the floor again."

Aside from the exhibition, McCullough also got in some quality relaxation time. "That was great," she said. "I got to hang out on the beach and go shopping. It was so much fun."

Needless to say, McCullough returned to California with several souvenirs.

"I brought back lots of shirts and stuff for my brothers and jewelry for my mom and friends," she said. "I also got myself some jewelry and clothes. They had this great Esprit store there. I went there one day to look around and ended up buying a lot."

The one thing McCullough didn't come back with was the "souvenir" that co-star John J. York (Mac Scorpio) had requested.

"I was supposed to bring him back Maui chips," she says, referring to a snack food available only in Hawaii. "He says they're great. But I couldn't find them anywhere. Actually, I didn't have any room in my suitcase for anything else. If I had brought them back, I probably would have crushed them anyway," she said laughing.


Singing sensation Julio Iglesias will make a cameo appearance on GENERAL HOSPITAL June 9 and 10. In the story line, music manager Lois Cerullo (played by Rena Sofer), will take Miguel Morez (Ricky Martin) on a tour of a high-tech recording studio during a visit to New York City. Lois will meet and talk with Iglesias, and try to get some facts about Miguel's past from him. During the episodes of GH, Iglesias will perform Crazy, the Patsy Cline classic that is also the title song of his new album.

If Randy Brooks, the newest member of ANOTHER WORLD, looks familiar, it's probably because you have seen him on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, where he played the role of Nathan Hastings for the past two years.

On AW, Brooks is creating the role of book editor Marshall Lincoln Kramer III. Brooks, who was reduced to noncontract status on Y&R in the fall of 1993, had been looking for a full-time acting job when his AW role came along.

In the story line, Marshall and romance writer Felicia Gallant, played by Emmy-winning actress Linda Dano, did not hit it off when she learned he was to be her new book editor. But, soap watchers know that couples who hate each other in the beginning usually end up being lovers, or at least, good friends. So there could be an interracial romance in the offing for AW.

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