Monday, February 9, 2009

FLASHBACK: Aleksander The Great 1995


By Alan Carter
Entertainment Weekly
November 3, 1995

This week, we'll try to accentuate the positive.

Bad News: Grant Aleksander, who has been riveting lately on ALL MY CHILDREN as a malevolent, philandering businessman -- he breathed new life into a stale sleeping-with-the-mother-in-law plot -- will be leaving Pine Valley this month.

Good News: Although his agent denies it, rumor has it he'll return to his old stomping grounds on GUIDING LIGHT.

Bad: Talented GENERAL HOSPITAL scribe Claire Labine, who helped resuscitate the once-ailing show, will check out of the HOSPITAL in January.

Good: She's been asked to develop a daytime drama at NBC.

Bad: What's with this ridiculous Amish story line on GUIDING LIGHT? They're trying for Witness, but it's really Witless.

Good: At least the story brought Reva, played terrifically by three-time Emmy winner Kim Zimmer, back from the dead.

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