Monday, January 12, 2009

TV Guide Canada's "Nelson Ratings"

The latest "Nelson Ratings" from TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco are now online.

Branco names the top shows and storylines and moments to watch this week, as well as the top actors, actresses and duos.

He also has a hilarious bit on who AS THE WORLD TURNS should recast next, some news items and juicy blind items.

1 comment:

  1. Roger,i am getting sick of branco's constant negativity.His blind item about an actor who is having trouble learning his lines,is despicable.It is obviously david canary.This man celebrates 25 years this month on all my children.He has been absolutely superb all these years.Branco is salivating in someones misfortune,The man is probably tired.Also,every week he is always critizing the shows when this is a dying medium.His future job is going to be waiting tables in five years.The fact that he takes such glee in knocking the soaps is schizoprenic.In five years the soaps will be gone and so will be his livlehood of writing about the shows.When he goes to websites looking for work,because magazines and newspapers will be extinct,the people interviewing him will laugh that he spent years just writing about soaps.I will be retired from the post office in five years,having worked for 25 years,he will be walking the unemployment line,and the actors and actresses of daytime will also be retired like me.However,he better plan his future and get a real job for the future>Also,how does he know already who the pre-nominees are.The person who is being past over this year is probably anthony geary.I think 6 emmys is enough.I want to read only good things about the soaps,because,the soaps could actually die in 2 years if people would just let the networks know that they love the soaps.The fans now have to begin to tell the executives that they want their shows to be here in 5 years.Can you please start giving addresses to send e-mails to the people in charge.We have to save our shows,nelson is ruining the chance for these shows to live on.I want you to band together with the other soap bloggers.We can form a committee to save our soaps.We need thousands of loyal viewers like me and you,to contact and bombard the networks with E-mails begging them to keep the shows alive.Petitions can be set up on soap websites to let the honchos know we want our shows to stay.