FINALLY: Nuke Have Sex

It's about time!

Luke and Noah finally had sex on today's AS THE WORLD TURNS. After a little help from Lucinda, Jade and Casey, the guys had no reason to wait any longer.

They went back to Lily's house and Luke asked Noah to go upstairs. Once in Luke's bedroom, Noah ripped his shirt off and the two were getting hot and heavy.

In the next scene, Noah came out of the shower followed by Luke. They talked about their first time and said they were glad they waited.

Despite a kissing ban and long-delayed sex, AS THE WORLD TURNS has given us the first continuing gay male couple on daytime, an entire gay pride episode and now this. Way to go! Soaps can still be current and interesting and make fans talk when they stop worrying so much about offending someone and just write it on the page.

UPDATE: Click here for a round-up of the reaction from various media outlets.


  1. It literally feels like a weight off our collective shoulders!!

    Good radio interview, too!

  2. This is a place where I disagree with CBS' "low key promotion" strategy.

    In general, I actually support it. Don't sensationalize. Also, if you don't warn fans when something will happen, they have to watch more regularly.

    BUT, in this case, I would have totally missed this if not for you.

    On the other hand, the American Family Association didn't have time to poison the wells in advance either :).

    ROGER, I hope you are interviewed about this till you can't stand it tomorrow :-).

  3. I can see both sides of the promotion discussion. On one hand, if you promote it, you get a lot of eyeballs on the show today. But if you don't, you get to surprise fans, which is SO rare these days. I was really happy as a fan to be surprised.

    One of the issues with ATWT is how they divide up episodes with some stories on 2 days a week and some 3. If the Nuke clip makes the rounds and gets tons of buzz and people tune into ATWT tomorrow, guess what, they won't be on.

    ATWT has made such huge steps but has never been able to fully capitalize on the storyline.

  4. It was just so awesome!!!!


    We really love Luke and Noah.

    I hope that they will have storylines TOGETHER, they could face problems as a solid couple. Storylines shouldn't separate them everytime, it is not what we want, we want Nuke strong, adorable, in love fighting for their life and happiness, for their family, for their future, for their friends, for their jobs and goals, not always against each other.

    They are a real great couple, that's what we like. A couple. They belong together.

    Thank you ATWT.

    Angie, Nuke fan I guess :)