Wednesday, January 14, 2009


DirecTV's The 101 will air the season three finale of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Like with previous seasons, this could also be the series finale, but I certainly hope not. The show begins a season three run on NBC on Friday night. The show will be slightly different than the DirecTV version so I'll be watching it all again.

The season's first eight episodes averaged around 650,000 viewers, a figure that a DirecTV spokesperson said the company is "pleased with." That's only a small sliver of the overall DirecTV audience, which is itself a small sliver of the potential NBC audience, but that figure of course doesn't factor in anyone who might have been watching illegally-downloaded copies of episodes.

Tonight's episode jumps several months past the end of the football season. Tim, Lyla, Landry, Tyra and Matt are all seniors. Will Tim and Lyla really go to San Antonio State? Will Matt go to art school and leave his grandma? And how will the drama between the Taylors and McCoys play out, and how might the new East Dillon High School play into this? Tune in at 9pm ET.

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