Wednesday, January 14, 2009

News Round-up

More on B&B's Ashley Jones on TRUE BLOOD
Sam Trammell (TRUE BLOOD's Sam) spoke with Michael Ausiello at the Globes and he teased that his new love interest (played by Jones) is up to no good. "I don't know the whole storyline, but I've read the first three episodes, and it's going to be really twisted and dark and exciting. She's got some serious secrets and questionable intentions."

Justin Melvey hosting new show on Fox8 in Australia
MAGINE yourself on a seat at a tram stop. Beneath your perch is a stray mobile phone, which starts ringing. If you're the sort of person who would answer it, you're well on your way to being a participant in the latest reality show on Australian TV screens. And if you're the sort of person who would accept the offer of $US25,000 ($A34,650) from a stranger at the other end of the phone, you might as well prepare for your close-up.

Welcome to THE PHONE, an appealingly pulpy reality-cum-competition show. Posing as a millionaire playboy, former DAYS OF OUR LIVES and HOME AND AWAY star Justin Melvey is the mysterious caller who guides the show's contestants on their crazy real-time journey around a different city each week.

"I've had a broad and epic journey," he says. "I haven't got caught up in the whole acting, ego-driven avenue where (someone says) you can only do this, you can only do that. I stick to the challenges that make me want to get out of bed."

Check out iPhone TV
NBC, CBS, CW and others have full episodes and clips available to stream to your iPhone. They are free, legal, and do not consume the precious iPhone memory. Full episodes include DAYS OF OUR LIVES and THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

SingTel First in Singapore to Offer SORIRITY FOREVER 'mobisodes'
Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) has launched Warner Brothers’ shortform digital series SORIRITY FOREVER – from director/ producer McG - as a value-added service for its iPhone and 3G mobile customers.

SORIRITY FOREVER consists of 37 mobisodes (each between 2-3 minutes in length) and the entire series is now available for viewing for free with no data charges or any additional fees.

The series stars Jessica Rose (GREEK), Mikaela Hoover, Taryn Southern, Anabella Casanova, Candice Patton (THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS), Annemarie Pazmino, Jessica Morris (ONE LIFE TO LIVE), Cary Hungerford, Angie Cole, David Loren and Joaquin Pastor.

Case involving ate ISIDINGO star Ashley Callie moved
Relatives of actress Ashley Callie on Wednesday described as "irritating" the transfer to another court of the culpable homicide case against the man involved in her fatal accident.

"This is highly irritating and frustrating because it is just a metre away from the jurisdiction," her sister Lauren Callie told journalists outside the Randburg Magistrate's Court.

Prosecutor Gary Famanda told the court a decision was taken to transfer the matter as Randburg had no jurisdiction over it. It emerged during proceedings that the February 8, 2008, accident in which Callie's car collided with Pretorius' car was a few metres short of being within the Randburg jurisdiction.

Natalie Cassidy's EASTENDERS return?
Natalie Cassidy is in talks to return to EASTENDERS. The 25-year-old actress is desperate to reprise her role as Sonia Jackson in the BBC soap opera and show bosses have already started talking to her about the possibility of a comeback.

Two newcomers arrive on HOLLYOAKS
HOLLYOAKS fans will be pleased to hear new producer Lucy Allan has already made her first mark upon the Channel 4 soap, by signing up two newcomers. Characters Loretta and Cheryl - played by Melissa Walton and Bronagh Waugh, respectively - made such a good impression during their time on HOLLYOAKS LATER, that they've been taken on by the main show.

Allan told Digital Spy: "Cheryl and Loretta will bring an energy and a sense of fun to the show. Both Melissa and Bronagh impressed me with their performances in Hollyoaks Later and I'm sure viewers will warm to them quickly."

Wrapping up FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS season three
"Season three has found a way to recapture the magic of that first year, which was one of the most perfect first seasons ever for a TV drama."

Bonarrigo appeared on "Stardish Radio" last night.

VERBOTENE LIEBE's "Olli" gets a new gig
German actor Jo Weil, who plays Olli on daytime soap VERBOTENE LIEBE is to join the magazine as a columnist.

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