Sunday, January 4, 2009

Coming Soon: HIGH RISE

Steve Barnes, former 99X and Dave FM morning host in Atlanta and actor-producer, is about to start production on a new local TV series called HIGH RISE which he said will be a bit like MELROSE PLACE but less campy. “Think GREY'S ANATOMY,” he told the Atlanta Juornal-Constitution.

The show will be available online at twice a week, starting March 31 for 10 weeks. It also will be available at Comcast on Demand. It will air in five-minute segments adding up to a total of 100 minutes.

The cast will feature local actors, including Bryan Brendle, Leland Jones, Kaira Akita, Greg Corbett, Heather Smith, Rob Pralgo and Cynthia Evans. Barnes will have a recurring role as an entertainment attorney. He said his former Dave FM host and current “Atlanta & Company” co-host Holly Firfer has netted a small role as well. He invited former 99X host Jimmy Baron to play a record executive, but he said Baron was out of town on the scheduled shooting day.

The show’s two writers are Mike Stiles, a former Star 94 morning show producer for Steve McCoy and Vikki Locke and currently a part of the Atlanta sketch comedy ensemble Sketchworks, and Charles Van Eman, a former actor who was on ALL MY CHILDREN.

Barnes also got local Atlanta rock singer Shawn Mullins (“Lullaby”) to play a bartender-singer, and Mullins will be performing some tunes for the show.

Production starts Jan. 25 in Buckhead at the Terminus building.

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