Monday, December 1, 2008

December Is The Month For Returns, January Too

A number of characters and actors are returning to the soap landscape during the month of December. Some are fan faves returning to their old roles or brand new ones, while others are former characters with brand new faces. Here is a current list. I'll update as new information becomes available.

1 Shayne Lewis, GUIDING LIGHT (now played by Jeff Branson)
1 Leah Bauer, GUIDING LIIGHT (now played by Tyra Colar)
2 Phoebe Forrester, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (MacKenzie Mauzy returns as Phoebe dies)
3 Craig Montgomery, AS THE WORLD TURNS (now played by Jon Lindstrom)
4 Thomas Forrester, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (Drew Tyler Bells visits)
4 Eleni Andros, GUIDING LIGHT (Jennifer Roszell returns)
5 Téa Delgado, ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Florencia Lozano returns)
8 Carolyn, AS THE WORLD TURNS (former SFT star Marcia McCabe returns to daytime)
12 Forrest Williams, ALL MY CHILDREN (former ATWT star Frank Runyeon returns to daytime)
12 Dr. Sinclair, ALL MY CHILDREN (former PASSIONS star McKenzie Westmore)
17 Jade Taylor, AS THE WORLD TURNS (now played by Davida Williams)
19 Ava Peralta, GUIDING LIGHT (Michelle Ray Smith visits)
22 Maddie Coleman, AS THE WORLD TURNS (now played by Kelli Barrett)
22 Ray Montez, ONE LIFE TO LIVE (A Martinez returns)
24 Lucy Montgomery, AS THE WORLD TURNS (now played by Sarah Glendening)
24 Johnny Donovan, AS THE WORLD TURNS (now played by Bailey Harkins)

TBD Robert Scorpio, GENERAL HOSPITAL (Tristan Rogers visits)
TBD David Vickers, ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Tuc Watkins returns)
TBD Asa Buchanan, ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Phil Carey visits)

22 Edmund Winslow (David Andrew MacDonald turns)
TBD Phillip Spaulding, GUIDING LIGHT (fan favorite Grant Aleksander returns)
TBD Matt O'Connor, AS THE WORLD TURNS (Eric William Morris returns)

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