Thursday, July 31, 2008

Evening News

Hometown boy Michael Park returns — now he's ruling Egypt
Back when Michael Park was a lion thrashing across Rochester’s Memorial Art Gallery stage in 1991, he had no idea where community theater would take him. In the years since, he has toured with "Phantom of the Opera," starred in Broadway productions and become a brooding detective on AS THE WORLD TURNS.

He’ll return to the Rochester area this weekend as Pharaoh in the Rochester Children’s Theatre’s production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," for its Aug. 2-3 shows at Nazareth College. (Another actor, David Autovino of Auburn, will assume of the role of the Egyptian ruler for the Aug. 9-10 shows.)

"Never in my lifetime did I ever expect my life would take the turns it (has) taken," Park said. "Fate has been very good to me."

Shake-up on set of DAY
Soap stars had to deal with some real-life drama earlier this week. On Tuesday, when an earthquake that measured over five on the Richter scale stopped people in their tracks from Los Angeles to San Diego, DAYS OF OUR LIVES stopped tape, allowing the cast and crew to evacuate the building.

Forever young: Former DALLAS and B&B star Linda Gray looks sensational at 67
Nobody can predict how people will age. While some beauties wither as they get older, others seem impervious to the ravages of time.

Linda Gray certainly falls into the latter camp.

Indulging in a spot of retail therapy while out and about in Los Angeles, the actress looked years younger than someone who turns 68 in September.

Not much to say yet about the fall season -- or see
In previous years, a TV critic could expect to preview a majority of fall series by mid-June. DVDs would arrive from each network with the caveat that "numerous changes may be made" before the airdate. These works-in-progress offered useful clues to what awaited the audience come fall. They gave critics a chance to start spreading the word about any new series that stood out. So far this summer, critics have gotten a peek at just a half-dozen upcoming shows.

HOLLYOAKS to star in online soap
Not content with monopolising the tea-time TV slot, Channel 4 teen soap HOLLYOAKS now has the internet in its sights and plans to launch an online soap opera.

According to the BBC, Hollyoaks characters will be seen talking about and watching clips of RUNNERS – an online soap opera based around a group of students working as runners in fashion and the entertainment industry, during episodes.

Fans of the Chester-based soap will also be able to keep up-to-date with RUNNERS themselves by logging on to the HOLLYOAKS website to view regular three-minute episodes. It's also thought RUNNERS will be available through Bebo, MSN Messenger TV, Facebook and iTunes.

The online soap opera will start a 10-week run early next year while a weekly 15-minute summary episode is also expected to air on TV, most likely following the HOLLYOAKS' Sunday omnibus.

SCRIPTS & SCRUPLES: Episode #836
Sam tries to comfort Stacey.

INTERVIEW: MVP's Dillon Casey
"I always looked at Trevor as a guy who is between Gabe and Damon. I would look at Peter Miller’s character of Damon and think that is the most fun character to play on the show. The bad guy is always the most fun. When Trevor goes to the dark side I get to be more like Damon Trebuchet. So, the scenes were a lot of fun in episode 7. My favorite scene coming up has Damon and Trevor partying. At this point, Trevor has decided to become Damon. He goes to Lagoon, which is the “MVP” version of the Playboy Mansion, and it’s no holds barred for Trevor. He is just a kid in a candy store. He is a young Damon Trebuchet, by this point."

SPOILER: ATWT's Dusty is alive
When Grayson McCouch returns to AS THE WORLD TURNS as Dusty Donovan on September 24th, he won't be playing a ghost. Dusty is alive, despite "dying" on camera back in January.

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