Friday, June 6, 2008

Time To Vote For Your Favorite InTurn

Sixteen episodes of INTURN have come and gone and the three finalists have now aired on AS THE WORLD TURNS. Voting to choose which finalist will receive a 13-week contract role on ATWT began on Thursday, June 5th at 5:00 P.M. ET and closes on Sunday June 8th at 8 P.M. ET.

Before you cast you vote, here is a rundown of how each contestant faired.

Nell Mooney, a 30 year old ballroom dancer/actor from Washington, D.C., had a lot of shining moments this season. She wasn't always the best but she was never near the worst either. Her kiss with Audra during the screen test audition was a highlight along with her scene with Michael Park where she played the role of Carly. On her ATWT day, she played Livia, a tough NYPD cop. Out of the three finalists, she had the best script to work with and she ran with it. She was convincing and solid and fit right in on the show.

Justin Smith, the 27 year old from Orlando, was probably the most consistent contestant throughout the show this year. His shining moment came during the Elements audition when he was the only contestant who followed direction and incorporated the elements into his scene. On his ATWT day, he played the "real" Ben Coyle, a man from the State Department who was a contact of Lucinda. He played a cop fairly well but I wasn't overly impressed by anything he did during the episode. As Simon Cowell would say, it was forgettable.

Michael Derek, a 26 year old waiter from East Brunswick, NJ, got off to a slow start. On the first day he made his famous "it's a toe" remark during the giving birth in the park audition. He came across as incredibly cocky in the beginning and his ego seemed a lot bigger than his level of acting ability. But something happened along the way. Another side to Michael came out, his acting improved as he listened to the notes he was given and he became someone I was rooting for to be in the top three. Out of the three finalists, Michael was given the least amount to work with on his ATWT day, both in dialogue and clothes. His character, Sailor Sam, was a take off of the famous Times Square Naked Cowboy. Michael did all he could with the role but other than showing off his body, he didn't get a chance to shine.

Going into the three ATWT appearances, I gave the edge to Justin but after seeing them on the actual show, I am leaning towards Nell.

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