Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gay kiss heats up South African soap opera

"Imagine this! One minute two men are caught up in a heated argument about homosexuality, and the next they are locked in a passionate kiss.

This was the scene on the prime-time soapie RHYTHM CITY last week that got TV viewers talking.

The protagonists were Stone (played by Zenzo Ngqobe) and Thula (Wright Ngubeni). Thula’s unemployed mother is bedridden by HIV/AIDS, and to make ends meet he is selling his body to a married man. Not even his best childhood pal, Charlotte (Stone’s girlfriend) played by Nosipho Nkelemba, knows about the big secret.

When Stone confronts Thula about the prostitution, there is an exchange of words and Stone suddenly kisses his friend, Thula. Both are left staring at each other in shock."

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